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  • Equipment Finance Application

  • Equipment Information

  • Name/Address

  • Company Information

  • Trade References

  • The undersigned certify all information and documents provided with this application are true and correct and are made for the purpose of obtaining credit for business purposes, and not for personal, household, or family use. The applicant, owner(s) and guarantor (if any) authorize Forklift Select, LLC its agents, representatives, or any lending source to whom this application is submitted ("You") to review or obtain and use credit, employment and financial information, including business or consumer credit reports now and continuing in the future as may be needed for this application, future credit requests, and any resulting financing; the undersigned waive any rights or claims otherwise available under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in absence of this continuing consent. The applicant, owner(s) and guarantor (if any) further authorize any bank, financial institution, creditor, employer, or trade reference to release credit, employment, and financial information on the applicant, owner(s) and guarantor (if any Additionally, this authorization permits You to share and exchange information and to request, obtain and review bank, financial or other information from past, present, or potential creditors and the undersigned confirms all information on the 4506-T are true and accurate.

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