If you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy forklift that can handle outdoor terrain and heavy loads, then you might want to consider investing in a pneumatic tire forklift. In this blog post, we’ll explain what pneumatic tire forklifts are, the benefits of choosing them, and why Forklift Select is the right choice for all your forklift needs.

What are Pneumatic Tire Forklift?

Pneumatic tire forklifts are a type of forklift that feature large, air-filled tires designed to handle rough and uneven terrain. These forklifts are equipped with an internal combustion engine that powers the hydraulic system, allowing the forks to lift and move heavy loads. Pneumatic tire forklifts are ideal for use in outdoor environments, such as construction sites, lumber yards, and shipping docks.

Why Choose Pneumatic Tire Forklifts?

Here are three key benefits of choosing pneumatic tire forklift:


Pneumatic tire forklift is design to handle a variety of terrain types, including gravel, dirt, and uneven surfaces. They can also operate in wet and muddy conditions, making them a great choice for outdoor use.

Load Capacity

Pneumatic tire forklift is build to handle heavy loads, with a maximum capacity of up to 55,000 pounds. This makes them ideal for use in industries that require the movement of large and heavy materials.


The large, air-filled tires on pneumatic tire forklift is design to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. They are puncture-resistant and can handle the rough terrain, making them a durable choice for heavy-duty applications.

Why Choose Forklift Select?

At Forklift Select, we understand that choosing the right forklift can be a difficult decision. That’s why we offer a wide selection of high-quality, new and use forklifts, including pneumatic tire forklift. Our expert team can help you choose the perfect forklift to fit your needs and budget. We also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your forklift in top condition.

Investing in a pneumatic tire forklift can make all the difference when it comes to handling heavy loads and navigating rough terrain. At Forklift Select, we are committed to providing you with the best quality and service for all your forklift needs. Contact us today to learn more about our pneumatic tire forklift and how we can help you. Call us at (719) 515-9812 or visit our website at www.forkliftselect.com.