Have you considered upgrading your manufacturing equipment? If that’s the case, then you should include a reach truck in your list. Reach trucks are highly efficient warehouse materials handling equipment that is becoming increasingly popular in Denver warehouses. Their popularity is due to their ability to move heavy loads quickly and easily, often in tight spaces or aisles.

If you’re searching for the best place to buy your reach truck, be sure to visit Forklift Select in Denver. We offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs, and our team of experts will help you find the best solution for you. Our trucks are safe, efficient, and reliable – backed by an extensive fleet of well-maintained machinery. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with a great reach truck that meets your needs!

The Benefits of Investing in a Reach Truck for Your Warehouse

Reach trucks are often used in warehouses to move items to heights safely and quickly. They have an extendable arm, allowing them to reach higher levels than traditional forklifts, and are also ideal for narrow aisles. They also provide superior maneuverability, allowing them to turn in tighter spaces.

Additionally, this lifting equipment can accomplish vertical storing of supplies. It can reach more than 35 feet, as an estimate. That’s more than what a forklift can do. For this reason, it is preferred for optimization tasks to accomplish storing supplies by not occupying much space.

Reach Trucks from Forklift Select

When buying a reach truck, it is important to identify the factors to help you select the perfect choice. Usually, companies’ main concern is whether to buy a new or pre-owned one. If your company is looking for budget-friendly but can still provide excellent services, then here we are. Luckily, Forklift Select can provide the perfect options for you! Let’s begin!


This reach truck from Yale has a capacity of 4000 lbs, which is enough for indoor tasks. Also, it utilizes electricity, which means there’s no need to reload fuel for it to work. It is rechargeable and is still in good condition despite being an old model from 2016.


This fantastic equipment has been pre-owned, so you don’t have to worry about the hefty price tag that comes with a new investment. It features a 4,000 lbs lifting capacity and comes with all the benefits a Raymond product entails. Plus, its narrow aisle design makes getting around tight corners and storage locations no problem at all.


This Crown model reach truck offers about 3.5k lbs for its capacity range. This product functions well with the available 6850-hour meter. Despite being a pre-owned reach truck, it can operate well and can side shift. Furthermore, it utilizes electricity and has a charger included.


This new forklift from Patriot offers an innovative design that maximizes space within your warehouse and safely transports heavy materials smoothly. It is built using the latest technology that will make moving even the most challenging loads simpler and faster than ever. With a capacity of up to 4,400 lbs., you’re guaranteed reliable performance and efficiency.

Choose Forklift Select! When Buying Reach Trucks!

Forklift Select understands the value of acquiring cost-efficient equipment. We ensure that every piece of equipment released to the public, no matter if they are used or not, should deliver the best performance needed. Our team of experts can provide guides to help you utilize reach trucks and other machines the right way so they can last longer.When the time comes, and you need a list of reach trucks for your warehouse, Forklift Select can provide more. Call us now at (877) 733-5438 for more details!