Reach trucks are forklifts designed to optimize a warehouse’s storage capacity and provide operators with excellent visibility. Compared to traditional forklifts, reach trucks are also easier to operate in tight spaces, making them the ideal forklift choice for warehouses looking to maximize their storage capabilities.

If you’re in the market for a forklift with these features, Forklift Select has an extensive selection of narrow aisle forklifts available to purchase online and in Denver. Our team of forklift experts are here to help you find equipment. That meets your specific material handling needs and improves the overall efficiency of your operations.

Reach Trucks Vs. Standard Forklift?

Overall, the choice between a reach truck and a standard forklift will depend on your specific operation and work environment. Reach trucks are designed with a narrower frame to allow for greater maneuverability in confined spaces and a tighter turn radius. This differs from standard forklifts that are designed to handle heavier loads and operate on uneven surfaces. Reach trucks also offer the operator excellent visibility and a clear view of the load and surrounding area. Making these forklifts well-suited for industrial settings. However, in a similar setting a standard forklift would have restricted visibility due to its design and positioning of the load.

2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck Specifications

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck is a powerful, efficient, and reliable reach truck at Forklift Select in Denver, CO! Below is more information about the features of this reach truck and how it can improve your warehouse operations:

  • Narrow Aisle Design

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck is design with a narrow aisle configuration, which allows it to operate in aisles as narrow as 8 feet wide. This makes it ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers where space is limited.

  • Capacity & Lift Height

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck has a 4,000 lbs. maximum load capacity and can lift loads up to 345 inches. This allows operators to reach high shelves and stack items to take advantage of the vertical space within their warehouses. 

  • Sideshifter

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck comes with a side shift feature that allows the operator to shift loads left or right. Making it easier to align the load with pallets or storage racks.

  • Clear View Mast 

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck also has a clear view mast that provides the operator with an unobstructed view of the load and surrounding area. It improves safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Electric Machine

The 2001 Raymond 4K Narrow Aisle Reach Truck is an electric forklift and well suited for indoor environments where emissions and noise levels need to be minimize. Electric forklifts are also cost-effective to operate, as electricity is generally less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel.

  • AC Drive Motor

This machine’s AC drive motor provides smoother acceleration and deceleration than other motors. Which makes it easier to control and improves the precision of the forklift’s movements. Forklifts with AC power can also run for longer on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and recharging.

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