Forklifts are the most popular equipment used in modern warehouses. It can make it safer for workers to move heavy cargo and materials. If you’re planning on purchasing a forklift for your business, it’s important to know which types of forklifts are best suited for your work environment and use cases!

Forklift Select has both new and used material handling equipment available to finance with flexible payment terms and no down payment required. Our forklift inventory includes everything from order pickers to diesel forklifts in an effort to help businesses across a variety of industries increase productivity.

Forklift Types Available at Forklift Select

Forklifts are a major investment and nobody wants to waste money on equipment that isn’t suitable for their operations. To help our customers make the best purchase possible, our forklift experts have outlined what each type of forklift can be used for below:

Cushion Tire Forklift

Cushion tire forklifts are designed for indoor environments or outdoor spaces with smooth terrain. This type of forklift is easy to maintain and often used in fulfillment centers, warehouses and other commercial spaces. Cushion tire forklifts also have a better turn radius than pneumatic tire forklifts so they are perfect for narrow aisles.

There are both three wheel and four wheel cushion tire forklifts available at Forklift Select.

Pneumatic Tire Forklift

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts are best suited for outdoor tasks and allow for smooth operation on rough or uneven surfaces. There are two types of pneumatic tire forklifts: solid pneumatic tire forklifts and air pneumatic tire forklifts. These types of forklifts often have LPG or diesels engines making them better equipped for outdoor tasks than electric forklifts.

Boom & Telescopic Forklifts

Telescopic forklifts, also called telehandlers, are used for outdoor tasks. It also have a telescopic arm or boom that allows the operator to lift and move heavy materials. This type of forklift can be used for a variety of lifting tasks but can also be used as a normal outdoor forklift.

Stand Up Electric Forklift

Stand up forklifts are best suited for tasks that require the operator to frequently get off the machine to make it easier to do so. These forklifts also require less room to operate than traditional forklifts making them perfect for warehouses with narrow aisles.

Walkie Stacker

A walkie stacker is similar to a pallet jack, but more robust as it has the ability to lift items up to different heights. This type of forklift is commonly used for tasks that involve moving and stacking items across a warehouse or distribution center.

Order Picker

An order picker enables workers to safely and efficiently reach items or orders on tall shelves within a warehouse by lifting the operator to the same height as the item being picked. This type of forklift is also equipped with a platform attachment to hold items. Hence, it has a narrow frame for smooth operation in tight warehouse aisles.

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