In today’s fast-moving business climate, it’s essential that workers have the equipment needed to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Agricultural, construction and industrial businesses may specifically benefit from having a telescopic forklift on hand for workers to use. Telescopic forklifts are designed to accommodate more weight and lift loads to higher heights than standard forklift.

What is a Telescopic Forklift?

Telescopic forklift combine the load-lifting capability of a forklift with the lifting range of a crane. The telescopic arm of a telehandler allows the machine to reach significant heights compared to vertical forklifts and attachments can be added to telehandlers to help operators safely move specific types of loads. This type of forklift also has pneumatic tires making it perfect for transporting materials outdoors and across rough terrains.

Key Benefits of Telescopic Forklifts?

Telescopic forklifts are continually gaining popularity in industrial and agricultural settings. Below is a list of the benefits of telescopic forklifts for businesses in the agricultural, industrial and construction sectors:

Superior Lifting Capabilities

While traditional forklifts often have limited, one-dimensional moving abilities, telescopic forklifts can move diagonally to pick up and carry loads more efficiently. This increased maneuverability allows telescopic forklifts to easily access materials and heights from a range of different angles. Telescopic forklift are also equipped with stabilizers to provide extra stability and increase safety while lifting heavy loads!


Telescopic forklifts have telescopic booms that can be fitted with various attachments making these forklifts more versatile than traditional forklift. This also makes investing in this type of forklift very cost-efficient and often decreases the need to purchase additional equipment. One of the attachments that is used in conjunction with a telescopic forklift is a pallet fork attachment for the safe transportation and lifting of pallets, timber, piping, and other long loads. A scoop or bucket attachment can be used to scoop and move loose goods like rocks, but the most popular attachment added to a telescopic forklift is a work cage. This attachment is used to safely lift workers to high spaces where services or repairs need to be performed.

On and Off-Road Capabilities

Telescopic forklift come equipped with four wheel drive and pneumatic tires! This makes these forklifts well suited for transporting heavy loads across rough and uneven terrains that are often found on construction and agricultural sites.

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