Forklifts are the most versatile piece of equipment on the market. It can be used to transport everything from pallets and boxes, to building materials and heavy machinery. When purchasing a forklift, it is also important to consider the forklift attachments that could be added to the forklift to make it better suited to your specific use cases.

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Common Types of Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments can help you see the best return on your forklift investment. It can make your forklift better suited for specific tasks. While there are many different forklift attachments available on the market, below is more information about the most common forklift attachments that companies need:


A sideshifter is a forklift attachment that allows the forklift operator to have greater precision. It move loads laterally without moving the entire forklift. This attachment is very useful when maneuvering in tight spaces and is now often built into forklifts.

Fork Positioner

A fork positioner helps the forklift operator adjust the distance between the forklift’s forks allowing the machine to safely accommodate different load sizes. This attachment can help improve loading time and increase overall productivity within your warehouse by making your forklift better suited for a variety of applications.

Push-Pull Forklift

A push-pull forklift attachment is needed to transport loads that come on slip sheets instead of pallets. This hydraulic attachment is a scissor-like mechanism that can both lift and move loads on slip sheets while gripping the load for safe transportation.

Forklift Clamp

A forklift clamp attaches to the forklift’s mast and allows the forklift operator to pick up. It can manipulate difficult or awkwardly shaped objects that do not come on pallets. There are forklift clamps to help operators accommodate materials of all shapes and sizes.


Rotator attachments allow the operator to rotate the position of the load up to 360 degrees, making it easy to tilt or invert loads as needed. This attachment can be use in conjunction with a variety of forklift clamps. It aids operators in dumping containers or materials with precision.

Access Platform

An access platform attachment allows a forklift operator to lift workers up to the specific height needed to perform a task. This attachment is often use to perform maintenance and access progress on construction sites.

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