Walk-behind forklifts are a popular choice in many warehouses because they offer a safe. It is also a comfortable way to move pallets with ease. These machines are also much easier to maneuver in restricted spaces and are a low-cost material handling solution. If you are looking for the best source in Denver for walk-behind forklifts from industry leading manufacturers, check out Forklift Select!

Forklift Select is one of the top forklift dealers in Denver. It has been helping businesses in Colorado and across the country improve their operations for almost 10 years. Our team is a great resource to help you determine which type of forklift is best suited for your operations. We will help you develop finance terms that work with your cash flow.


Reasons To Buy A Walk-Behind Forklift

Walk-behind forklifts are affordable and low-maintenance equipment ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants with limited budgets that need to move materials quickly. One of the most significant advantages of owning a walk-behind forklift is that no license or certification is required for walkie stacker operators. However, all operators should be trained before operating any equipment. In addition, these forklifts are lightweight, easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It can be use for a variety of tasks within your warehouse or distribution center. These machines are also equipped with a mast for lifting and transporting cargo items efficiently, including pallets and bundles.


Walk-Behind Forklifts To Consider For Your Business

Whether you’re a small distribution center or a large warehouse, a walk-behind forklift can make a great addition to your equipment fleet. At Forklift Select, you will find both new and used forklifts at affordable prices to help you improve your business operations. Below is more information about the top walk-behind forklifts we have available:


2006 Crown 4000lb Walkie Stacker

This 2006 Crown 4000lb Walkie Stacker is electric power and can lift a max of 4000 lbs of materials. It has a two stage mast, max height of 128 inches, and can be finance through Forklift Select!


2006 Raymond 4000lb Walkie Stacker

The 2006 Raymond 4000 lb Walkie Stacker is an electric forklift perfect for warehouses that have multiple levels of storage and need to stack materials. This machine’s three-stage mast allows you to lift 4000 lbs of materials up to 130 inches. Get it today at Forklift Select!


2015 Raymond 4000lb Walkie Stacker Counter Balance Forklift

The Raymond 4000 lb Walkie Stacker Counter Balance Forklift is an excellent choice for any job! Its 4000 lb capacity and advanced counterbalance system make it easy to load and unload materials onto this machine. With its performance-level capacity, you can rest assured that this forklift will meet your lifting needs time and time again! 


Purchase From Forklift Select Now!

While there are many forklift dealers out there, none of them can match the reliability and standard of quality that Forklift Select offers. We hand check every unit that we ship out to ensure you receive a product that is ready to use and high-quality. Visit us in Denver today or call us now at (877) 733-5438 for more details about our available forklifts!