When it comes to purchasing material handling equipment for your company, finding a reliable forklift dealer to buy from is integral to making the best purchase for your business! In Colorado, Forklift Select is one of the top forklift dealers to purchase from and we are committed to helping other businesses find the equipment they need to improve their operations.

At Forklift Select, we believe that every business is capable of becoming more efficient and that having the right equipment for your operations is the key to doing so. Our forklift experts are always available to help you decide which of our forklifts will best suit your requirements. We develop financing terms that work for your business’ projected cash flow.


New or Used Forklift: Which to Choose?

When deciding between a new or used forklift, you should first consider how long you plan on keeping the forklift for. If you plan on using it for many years, buying a new forklift may be a smarter choice since forklifts can only operate up to a certain amount of hours. However, new forklifts are more expensive and will require a larger upfront investment than a used forklift. On the other hand, there are several forklift dealers in Colorado that sell used forklifts that still look and work like brand new ones.


Why Forklift Select is Colorado’s Top Forklift Dealer

If you’re planning to buy a forklift in Colorado, check out Forklift Select! We are one of Denver’s most trusted forklift sellers and want to help you improve your business. Below are the top reasons why we have become Colorado’s top forklift dealer:


Expert team

The team at Forklift Select has over 40 years of experience in material handling solutions! Our team consists of material handling experts who have extensive knowledge about the material handling industry. We want to help your company improve its operations. Due to our great team and their dedication to our customers, we have also earned an A+ accreditation from the BBB.


Flexible financing options

While both our new and used forklifts are affordably priced, we also offer flexible financing options to make it easier for business owners to improve and invest in their operations. Our flexible financing terms include seasonal payment options and require no down payment! 


New and used equipment

Whether you want to purchase a brand new or used forklift, Forklift Select is the company to buy from! We have an extensive inventory of forklifts from top manufacturers available to purchase at affordable prices. We carry pallet jacks, order pickers, telehandlers, electric forklifts, and more!


Purchase a Forklift Today!

If you’re looking for a high-quality new or used forklift, check out Forklift Select! We pride ourselves on being Colorado’s leading forklift dealer. We have an extensive inventory of lifting equipment suitable for all types of industrial jobs. Call us today at (877) 733-5438 or visit our website for more information about our inventory!