Anyone who works in the material handling industry knows that lift trucks are one of the best pieces of equipment a company can have for lifting multiple and heavy loads at once. With the constant push to increase output and keep costs low, companies will find that when they do increase their output threshold their needs for forklifts will also increase. 

However, not every company has the funds available to purchase new equipment. Luckily Forklift Select, one of the country’s top forklift dealers. We offers a wide range of used lift trucks in Denver. We also has financing solutions available to help business owners meet their efficiency goals while keeping operating costs low.

How to Decide Between Buying a New or Used Forklift? 

Deciding whether you need a new or used forklift requires some thought. It should be considered before you start looking at models. While some people think that newer is always better, this is not necessarily the case with forklifts. This mindset can cause companies to end up paying more than they need to for equipment. When determining whether to purchase a new or used forklift it is important to consider the hours you will spend using the machine. If you will be using it for more than four hours per day, buying a new forklift is more ideal.

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Lift Trucks:

Forklifts Select has a large selection of used lift trucks available for purchase. We believe there are many advantages to buying used equipment. Below are the top benefits of buying used lift trucks in Denver:


When purchasing a used forklift you will definitely save money! There are many used lift trucks on the market that perform just as well as new ones. It can be purchased at almost half of the price.

Additional attachments

When purchasing a used forklift customers can often buy more parts and attachments to use with their forklift than they would be able to with new equipment. Some companies can even afford to buy more than one used forklift with the budget they had for a new one!

Eligible for tax benefits

The government offers tax benefits for small and large businesses that purchase equipment for their operations by the end of the year. To determine if Section 179 deductions can benefit your company contact a tax specialist before purchasing any equipment.

Purchase Used Lift Trucks From Forklift Select!

Forklift Select is one of the leading lift trucks dealers in Denver and has a wide variety of equipment available at its Denver dealership. For more information about our equipment, contact us today at +1 (877) 733-5438 or browse our inventory on our website.