Can you imagine your warehouse or construction site without a forklift? Whether you’re moving heavy equipment or stacking materials, some jobs and tasks would be nearly impossible to complete without them. A reliable forklift is a vital tool to many businesses; however, investing in a fleet of brand new lift trucks can get pricey. This is why many business owners are now opting for gently used forklifts instead of brand new ones.

Fortunately, Forklift Select offers a wide variety of used lift trucks for sale online and in Denver! We also offer flexible financing solutions to help you lower the up front cost of purchasing a new or used forklift from our dealership.


Why Purchasing Used Lift Trucks Online is a Must

Shopping for used lift trucks online comes with a wide range of benefits and advantages. Buying online allows you to search different products and compare companies with little to no effort, and online products include descriptions that make it easier for you to learn more about a product. Online shopping also allows the buyer the ability to browse anytime that is convenient for them instead of just during business hours. Lastly, you can check the product reviews and company’s ratings online to further help you determine which unit is best for your business. 


The Benefits of Choosing Used Forklifts

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential factors to consider when deciding between new and used forklifts. In any case, if you want to purchase a quality forklift but have a limited budget, used forklifts are the best option! Below are some of the top reasons to purchase used forklifts:


Cost Saving

When considering all your business expenses, purchasing brand new equipment can sometimes feel more like a luxury than a necessity. The primary reason that used forklifts are in demand is that they are cheaper than new ones.  In fact, you can save up to 50% on new models. Another reason that used forklifts are cheaper is part availability can be a major problem for newer models. 


Sudden Equipment Needs

Things break. Even forklifts. You can call a forklift mechanic to check the problem and fix it immediately. But what if the problem is beyond repair or is too expensive? Purchasing a used forklift is often the best solution and ensures there are no work or production delays.



Forklift manufacturers regularly improve their models with the newest designs and features. That said, it can be time-consuming for operators to learn new machines and features. This is particularly true when your forklift operators are adapted to older models. Therefore, purchasing used forklifts with familiar features and functions can save you time and money.


Best Used Lift Trucks Online

Whether you’re replacing damaged equipment or expanding your fleet to enhance your business, buying used lift trucks for sale online is a great option. Fortunately, Forklift Select offers a wide variety of used forklift online that won’t break your budget. Visit our website or call us today at (877) 733-5438 for more details.