Although order pickers and standard forklifts both have material handling benefits, they differ in function and features. Order pickers are great for handpicking single items stored up high due to their heavy-duty platforms that make it easy for an operator to access inventory. However, the best strategy to use for your warehouse picking will depend on the volume of orders you are getting, the type of facility you have, and the inventory management system you have. 

If you have a wide range of different products in your Denver warehouse, an order picker might make a great addition. Forklift Select sells a variety of order pickers from reputable brands, in Denver. It has forklift financing available to help you get the equipment you need today!


The Importance of Having A Proper Order Picking System

Order picking is an integral part of the e-commerce fulfillment process. With the increasing number of storage warehouses opening across the country, the demand for order pickering equipment has also significantly increased. Systematic order picking requires the right order picking equipment and strategy. Having these for your company can make the order fulfillment process more accurate and save you money. The right order picking system can also help workers better do their jobs with little to no mistakes. These benefits are the reason that many warehouse owners are on hunt for the best order picking equipment in Denver!


Common Questions to Ask Before Buying an Order Picker

To make sure you get the most out of your order picker, there are specific questions you should ask.


How high can a standard order picker equipment reach?

An order picker is specifically made for picking items for customer orders that are placed at higher elevations in a warehouse or distribution center. They take full advantage of small rooms, and their structure enables them to pick up goods of various sizes and types. Most order pickers can reach up to 35 feet high off the ground, but it is important to check the exact specification before purchasing one to make sure it can accommodate your warehouse.


What financing options are available?

Since buying a forklift of any kind can be an expensive undertaking, it is recommended that you ask about financing options or research forklift dealers that offer them in your area. Forklift Select offers flexible financing options in Denver, CO . We will work with you to set up terms that work for your business.


How much weight can a standard order picker withstand?

Most order pickers have a maximum weight capacity of 3000 lb. It is important to take this into consideration if your products are heavy. However, most fulfillment centers will have multiple order pickers to speed up the process so weight is normally not an issue.


Best Warehouse Order Pickers in Denver, CO

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