Some forklifts should not be used in specific job settings and on certain terrain. For example, many indoor forklifts don’t have enough power or strong enough tires to operate on uneven or outdoor surfaces. For most industrial applications rough terrain forklifts are recommended, which is why it’s so important to have a reliable one in your forklift fleet.

If you are looking for a rough terrain forklift for your Denver company, check out Forklift Select! We have a great variety of new and used forklifts available for purchase and our team of material handling experts will help you pick the right one for your business.


Specific Features of Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts are mostly used on farms, construction sites, and other outdoor material handling operations with rocky, uneven surfaces. These environments require a forklift with a higher ground clearance (the distance between the forklift and the ground), which is why rough terrain forklifts are built with pneumatic tires that have thicker treads and 12″ of ground clearance. Rough terrain forklift tires also have a higher level of traction allowing them to travel over slippery surfaces. It is also to even climb up large mounds without getting stuck or damaging the engine.


What are the Important Factors to Consider?

Moving heavy loads across your worksite can be exhausting without the help of a dependable forklift. It is also to selecting a forklift based on your specific needs is also very important. When looking for a forklift you should always consider the overall features and quality, but to further help you with the selection process Forklift Select has created a list of other factors you should consider below:


Forklift capacity

No matter the type of forklift you are looking for you should always consider your capacity needs. It’s important to take this and the size of the load center into account. The reason is it is unevenly distribution of loads can significantly affect your operations.


Engine type best suited for your business operations

In most outdoor operations, fuel-power or internal combustion (IC) forklift engines are in the recommendation. In other heavy-duty applications, like construction sites, diesel engines are in recommendation because they can be easier and less expensive for companies to manage than electric-powered forklifts.


Forklift Dealer

You should only purchase a forklift from a reliable and licensed forklift dealer to ensure you receive a quality piece of equipment. It is also to get the greatest return on your investment. Forklift Select in Denver sells a wide range of new and used rough terrain forklifts both in-store and online!


Best Rough Terrain Forklifts Sold in Denver

Ready to purchase a rough terrain forklift for your business? The material handling experts at Forklift Select are here to help you determine which of our rough terrain forklifts is best suit for your particular application and work requirements! For more information, call us at (720) 287-1867 or check out our website today.