Ordering a product and receiving it in a timely manner seems like an easy task as a consumer, but what goes on behind the scenes in order for you to receive the forklift you ordered? For big products such as forklifts, the shipping and product company will need to work together and take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your product and those involved in the forklift delivery. To learn how a reliable forklift company ensures your product arrives in the best condition and on time, continue reading the safety precautions we take when shipping our products.


Top Forklift Dealer in the USA

Forklift Select in Denver has years of experience in the material handling industry. It is one of the highest consumer-ranked forklift dealers in the country. We also have an A+ rating with BBB and are passionate about helping other businesses find the equipment they need to be successful at the lowest prices. If you are looking for a new or used forklift, Forklift Select has a team of material handling experts. Hence, we are ready to help you find the best machine for your warehouse, company or dockyard!


5 Safety Tips Forklift Select Follows

Delivering big machines is complicated and special attention and care are needed to ensure that accidents don’t happen. Here are five safety precautions our company follows for a safe and smooth delivery:  


1. Only work with professional haulers

Forklift Select has been in the industry for a while. It has developed business relationships with professional haulers who we trust to deliver and transport our forklifts. It is important to use a company that is familiar with moving big, large and heavy equipment, not the cheapest company.


2. Examine the condition of the forklift

Before loading your forklift for transport, Forklift Select ensures it is in good condition and ready for you to use! Hence, it is important to examine the equipment upon arrival to ensure nothing happened in transit. It is still in ready to use condition.


3. Ensure that the fuel supply is off 

After your forklift is loaded for transport, the fuel is shut off (where applicable) and/or the fuel tank removed for transport if requested by the carrier.  Hence, this should ensure your forklift doesn’t explode.


4. Secure forklift with chains and binders

Forklift Select requires the use of chains and binder or blocks and bracing to secure your forklift on the truck bed. Hence, this will ensure your forklift arrives safely.


5. Ensure all transportation policies are met

Forklift Select follows all transport policies to ensure your forklift delivery goes smoothly and isn’t delayed. Hence, these policies include documenting shipping weight, clearance and product/shipping insurance.


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