A forklift is a vehicle that has a pronged device in front that is specifically for carrying heavy loads. You probably already have a picture in your head of what a forklift is. A slow, small car-shaped vehicle. But did you know there are many forklifts types and variations? Yes, you read that right. There is different equipment attached to each type for specific uses.


Companies Should Take Extra Time to Learn Their Equipment

Being meticulous and wise in investing in equipment should be one of a company’s top priorities. Giving ample time to read and know about your forklifts not only gives you an edge against competitors but ultimately saves you costs in the moment and also in the long run.

Forklifts are essential for many businesses. You see them almost at every construction site, warehouse, recycling company, dockyard, etc. It enables the business to run more efficiently and effectively. It moves the heaviest goods around warehouses, sites, manufacturing units, and more. It also takes minimal effort to operate. Forklifts greatly impact a company’s efficiency and productivity.


7 Types of Forklift That Could Suit Your Business

Although all types of forklift generally do the same task- lift, they still vary in their use and the type of loads they can carry. Sit back and read about the types of lifts we have available in and how they could increase your efficiency and productivity.


Sit-Down Forklifts

Known as the ‘long-time use’ forklift, this type of forklift is ideal for operators who move goods from one site to another without stepping out of it. It also allows operators to be off their feet while operating it. It is one of the most common types of lift. They cost less compared to other types of forklifts. A sit-down forklift is also safer to use since the user will be inside a compartment, buckled in their seat.


Reach Forklifts

They are specifically for business places that have narrow passages, which are often in small warehouses. They have two outer legs that assist in carrying the load and a single set of wheels in the back, which help maneuver a smaller turn radius. If you own a small warehouse that has high-up storage to take advantage of the small space, this would be the best lift for you.


Stand Up Forklifts

Also known as stand-on or electric rider, this forklift is specifically made for operators who have to step in and out of the lift truck more often. Same as with the reach forklift, they can also operate in narrow passages, which reduces probability neck strain and better visibility compared to sit down lifts.


Walkie Stackers

Also known as the ‘pedestrian walk-behind’ stacker, this type of lift is known for being mobile and handy. As a smaller type of lift, this also has the ability to go through narrow aisles in storerooms and small warehouses. Commonly, they operate only from room to room. Their less bulky structure allows the operator to easily maneuver them in small areas while its compact chassis gives the operator increased visibility.


Order Picker 

It is a type of lift that is specifically made for picking and delivering materials and filling customer orders placed at higher elevations in a warehouse or distribution centers. They take full advantage of small rooms, and their structure enables them to pick up goods of various sizes and types. If you want to solve your order picking problems, this lift would be a wise purchase.


Rough Terrain

Lifts of this type are enormous and has durable materials that enable them to operate in unfavorable weather. As the name suggests, they are made to be used on rough ground. Large companies that have large sites are the ones who need this lift. They have a large, durable tires that are design to handle uneven terrain and improve safety.



Also known as ‘telescopic handler,’ this type of lift with a telescopic arm is for extending forward and upward to lift loads. The telehandler carries the same size of load a hydraulic forklift. It can carry combined with the reach of a crane, which makes a really efficient machine. They are commonly for the construction industry to move loads to places that a wheeled loader cannot reach.

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