Forklifts are in high demand for most businesses today, especially with industrial businesses transporting heavy equipment and materials. Fortunately, these mighty machines can be acquired brand new or used, depending on your needs and budget. You can choose from a wide range of forklift models. You can also choose from types that you think can suit your type of business. There’s no wonder why these machines play an indispensable role in achieving fast and convenient management of heavy goods.


Why Consider a Used Forklift?

Right from the manufacturing process down to the showrooms, forklifts are known for the excellent benefits they bring to your warehouse or on-site applications. Material handling industries, like construction, make use of these machines on a daily basis. Due to the overwhelming demands in the market, more and more people have switched to using forklifts. They rather than settling for typical lifting and carrying tools.

While buying and owning a new forklift is ideal nowadays, many business owners are now discovering that owning a used forklift can also be a great investment for their business. It can be a great way to reduce costs, since its value has decreased over time but still offers the benefits. However, when buying a used forklift it can be very difficult to make the right choice. But with the right provider, you can avoid the common dilemma of deciding which type and model to choose. With the help of a reliable expert, you can make a good judgment of what type of forklift is perfect for your business needs. 

Unfortunately, many forklifts may appear to be in good condition but the internal parts may be already worn out. That being said, you should be careful in trusting a forklift dealer because there are some unscrupulous ones who give unreliable information about the real condition of the used forklift. To help, seek help from trained personnel who have experience in evaluating the mechanical condition of a used forklift. Also, you can determine how well the unit has been maintained. You can know as well as the condition of the other components of the unit. All of our used forklifts are inspected by qualified forklift technicians. It is guaranteed to be in good running condition when sold to avoid unexpected failure during operation.


What Are the 3 Common Factors to Consider When Buying Used Forklifts

Investing in a used forklift is a difficult task but important to your business. So when determining the value of a forklift, note all the information to consider so you can avoid regrets in the end.



In every secondhand purchase, considering the age of the item is essential. This can help you know if the forklift is still worth its price. Also, prices decrease as time goes by as quality deteriorates. On average, a forklift price will depreciate up to 15% per year. This is a reliable basis to help you come up with the right forklift decision.



Aside from the length of its service, you should also ask for its usage history. For instance, if you know that the forklift has been operated more than its recommended hours by its former users, it’s best to say no. On the other hand, if the same type or model has been only used for about 7-8 hours daily, then choosing it over the overused one is great. Take note that choosing cheaper forklifts can mean settling for less. Thus, it is important that you reach out to a trusted forklift dealer that can provide you with worthy second hand forklifts.



Of course, features always matter. Extra features can add value to your forklift, whether it is brand new or secondhand. If you prefer a forklift with a computerized control panel instead of a manually-operated one, then there’s a wide range of available options you can choose from. Basically, anything that does not come on standard is considered an additional feature to be considered. 

At Forklift Select, we understand that your business deserves nothing but high-quality used forklifts. Thus, our team of professionals is always here to help you with all your forklift needs. Whether you need a brand new or used one, we guarantee that you only get the best for any type of your business. Visit us at and experience a convenient forklift purchase!